Hormann SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener

Hörmann SilentDrive® garage door openers are the perfect companion to your garage door. All SilentDrive® openers are built with a DC motor and a composite aramid fiber reinforced belt drive system that provide a very quiet operation, dramatically enhancing your total quality experience. The adjustable “soft” start and “soft” stop feature allows minimum wear on the door and opener, ensuring a quiet-running door at every stage of opening and closing. With a SilentDrive®opener you’ll benefit not only from the safety features compliant with UL 325 requirements but from the unique Hörmann Beltension Guard™ and the EngageLock™.

No matter which SilentDrive® opener suits your needs, you will never compromise on quality.

Maintainance Free

Beltension Guard™
All Hörmann SilentDrive® garage door openers come with the unique Beltension Guard™ built into the opener rail, to maintain proper belt tension for the life of the opener.
This ensures quiet, troublefree operation, and eliminates costly and inconvenient service calls.

Ultimate Security

All Hörmann SilentDrive® garage door openers come with the unique EngageLock™ built into the opener rail. It eliminates door back drive action in the event of a power loss, securing your home and property.

Durable and Quiet

Aramid Fiber Reinforced Belt Hormann’s unique aramid fiber reinforced belt will not rust, limits wear & tear, resists moisture and never needs lubrication. This special belt system provides a quiet ride and many years of worry free operation.

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